The Reviews Are Out For Dr Kvorak – and they’re good! (Both PC Desktop and VR)

Thanks so much to everyone who has played and reviewed Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game. We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received, and so glad that reviewers, curators, YouTubers and streamers really enjoyed the game.

We thought we’d share a quick review list for those still wondering about the Obliteration Game.

Thanks again to you all for your fantastic support!

Dr Kvorak Screenshots

Dr Kvorak Screenshots

“One of the most unique and enjoyable puzzle games this year… a unique concept, generally great gameplay, complex characters, humour and decent challenge…there is a real charm and personality to the game that really shines throughout from start to finish.”

The Dave Stream/ Vive VR Curator
“Unique game for VR…If you are looking to take a break from the usual type of VR games, or a fan of puzzle games then this is an instant purchase.”
“Few games out there dare to ask the really important questions, such as “why is that weird chicken talking in rhymes?”, “what’s up with all the cheese lying around?”, and “did I really just blow up a planet?”
“It’s certainly deeper and less silly than you might give it credit for at first glance and I really enjoyed my time with it so far.”

Jupiter Hadley
“Super polished, well made, funny game that has you playing a tiny alien trapped in a game show. Love the voice acting, the host’s attitude, and all of the cheese!”

“An awesome game, and so immersive in VR, great job guys!”
“It’s a game you can have fun for hours and hours”
“Really well-done and pretty addictive”

“So much content…a lot of stuff to do….A cool  unique game”

The Cpt Froggy/Zeepond
The gameplay is really fun whichever way you play it, VR or not…I really enjoy the game either way.”

Dreamcage Media/The Defective Inspector
“This game is good…I wanna see what happens with this chicken”
“Pretty good…each level has a unique method of testing me….every time I have to think a bit differently”

“Made me laugh…the narration was one of the best parts of the game”
“The standout features to me were the amazing soundtrack and the level editor”

CryMor Gaming
“So much content from the beginning”
“10 hours of playtime in puzzles and 70 pages of dialogue. An incredible amount”
“It’s a totally unique style of VR game and I applaud anybody who does that”

Choicest Games
“A fun, well-polished, family friendly puzzle game to be played here along with a catchy soundtrack to accompany it”

“Jolly Good fun…I very much love the little blue guy”
“Oh hell yeh, bitches!”
“We covered all of ’zis with cheesy satisfaction”
“We can give you ickle ickle fangs”
“You are doing an astonishing job Greeboo the omnipotent

Indie Game News
“It was worth the 7 years of hard work guys”

The art style of DKOG falls somewhere between Mars Attacks and a dream Bob Barker might have while watching Alf reruns, serving as a call-back to the campy sci-fi of yesteryear in a way that is at the same time refreshing and unusual.”

All Time Gamers
“The witty banter throughout each level is the real shining aspect of Obliteration”.
“We loved every minute of the goofy narration and think they did a great job on picking a comedic direction for the overlord.”

“This title seethes “passion project” through and through”
“A strange breaking the fourth wall aspect”
“The script is oddly clever at times, and a lot of effort went into the rhyming…so it really kept up the “charm” in a fairy tale sort of way”
Flip The Bacon
“Pretty weird little game…pretty fun”