The Reviews Are Out For Dr Kvorak – and they’re good! (Both PC Desktop and VR)

Thanks so much to everyone who has played and reviewed Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game. We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received, and so glad that reviewers, curators, YouTubers and streamers really enjoyed the game.

We thought we’d share a quick review list for those still wondering about the Obliteration Game.

Thanks again to you all for your fantastic support!

Dr Kvorak Screenshots

Dr Kvorak Screenshots

“One of the most unique and enjoyable puzzle games this year… a unique concept, generally great gameplay, complex characters, humour and decent challenge…there is a real charm and personality to the game that really shines throughout from start to finish.”

The Dave Stream/ Vive VR Curator
“Unique game for VR…If you are looking to take a break from the usual type of VR games, or a fan of puzzle games then this is an instant purchase.”
“Few games out there dare to ask the really important questions, such as “why is that weird chicken talking in rhymes?”, “what’s up with all the cheese lying around?”, and “did I really just blow up a planet?”
“It’s certainly deeper and less silly than you might give it credit for at first glance and I really enjoyed my time with it so far.”

Jupiter Hadley
“Super polished, well made, funny game that has you playing a tiny alien trapped in a game show. Love the voice acting, the host’s attitude, and all of the cheese!”

“An awesome game, and so immersive in VR, great job guys!”
“It’s a game you can have fun for hours and hours”
“Really well-done and pretty addictive”

“So much content…a lot of stuff to do….A cool  unique game”

The Cpt Froggy/Zeepond
The gameplay is really fun whichever way you play it, VR or not…I really enjoy the game either way.”

Dreamcage Media/The Defective Inspector
“This game is good…I wanna see what happens with this chicken”
“Pretty good…each level has a unique method of testing me….every time I have to think a bit differently”

“Made me laugh…the narration was one of the best parts of the game”
“The standout features to me were the amazing soundtrack and the level editor”

CryMor Gaming
“So much content from the beginning”
“10 hours of playtime in puzzles and 70 pages of dialogue. An incredible amount”
“It’s a totally unique style of VR game and I applaud anybody who does that”

Choicest Games
“A fun, well-polished, family friendly puzzle game to be played here along with a catchy soundtrack to accompany it”

“Jolly Good fun…I very much love the little blue guy”
“Oh hell yeh, bitches!”
“We covered all of ’zis with cheesy satisfaction”
“We can give you ickle ickle fangs”
“You are doing an astonishing job Greeboo the omnipotent

Indie Game News
“It was worth the 7 years of hard work guys”

The art style of DKOG falls somewhere between Mars Attacks and a dream Bob Barker might have while watching Alf reruns, serving as a call-back to the campy sci-fi of yesteryear in a way that is at the same time refreshing and unusual.”

All Time Gamers
“The witty banter throughout each level is the real shining aspect of Obliteration”.
“We loved every minute of the goofy narration and think they did a great job on picking a comedic direction for the overlord.”

“This title seethes “passion project” through and through”
“A strange breaking the fourth wall aspect”
“The script is oddly clever at times, and a lot of effort went into the rhyming…so it really kept up the “charm” in a fairy tale sort of way”
Flip The Bacon
“Pretty weird little game…pretty fun”

7 Years Later: Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game is available on Steam

After seven very long years, we’ve finally done it! We’ve released Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game on Steam. To those of you who are discovering the omnipotent Doc for the first time, his Obliteration Game is a single player sci-fi puzzle adventure that tells the story of an immortal trickster God and his deadly galactic game show. It plays beautifully on both Windows PC Desktop and in VR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

To be honest, words can’t quite express our feelings right now. No-one really can describe the shedload of emotions a developer feels when the Steam button is finally pushed. Proud, overwhelmed, excited, terrified, exhausted… even more exhausted. We’ve both spent such a large chunk of our lives creating this game that what players make of the Doc’s story matters immensely to us. Heck, our kids have grown up with us working full time on Doctor Kvorak – they don’t remember life before it. This is a big deal for all of us.

So far the feedback from Youtubers, streamers and reviewers has been wonderful. They loved the story and the Doc’s “witty banter”, the music went down well, and the gameplay is described as really fun. But the burning question is, will players like the Obliteration Game?

Well, whatever happens, we are incredibly proud of our achievement. This is seven years of our lives, and our fate lies in your hands.

Liberate or Obliterate. Which will you choose?

After 7 years in development, Dr Kvorak’s Obliteration Game to release on 26th July

It’s high summer already and you will all be pleased to know that it won’t be much longer until Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game is released on Steam.

So…drumroll please… the release date for Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game will be 26th July exclusively on Steam, for Windows PC Desktop with a simultaneous release on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift/Touch.

In other news, we have been super-busy testing and polishing the game, and we also had the pleasure of showing the beta of the Obliteration Game at Norwich Gaming Festival, and as always, the feedback from players was tremendous. Players really loved Greeboo on the HTC Vive, and many came back all three days to play again and again. We had such a fantastic time – did we mention that we really love expos?!

We are now into the final testing phase before the Doctor unleashes his terror on the galaxy, and we will shortly be contacting the Games Press, YouTubers and Streamers with preview keys. If any of you would like a preview copy of the Obliteration Game for your channel, then please get in touch (

Only a few weeks to go now.

Seven years….

Seven whole years.

Let’s hope you all like it :)

Obliteration Game Spring Update – The Final Push

Our brave contestants Greeboo and MicMac

Our brave contestants Greeboo and MicMac

Slowly but surely, we’re inching towards the Obliteration Game finish line. Difficult to believe that we’re so close to the end now, after so many years working on the game as full time indie developers. It’s both exciting and terrifying in equal amounts.

The last couple of months have largely been about testing, refining, polishing and making sure we haven’t missed anything. The cut scenes are largely complete, the VR Editor has been reworked to be more user-friendly and we have integrated the game into Steamworks and set up Steam Cloud. We also took the plunge and upgraded to Unity 5.5, which went swimmingly, so now we can go ahead and fully integrate the Oculus Touch Controllers.

We’ve also been discussing the possibility of supporting all VR headsets and input types concurrently, thus covering all accessibility and mobility users, so the Obliteration Game would then work with the HTC Vive and controller, the Vive and gamepad, the Rift and Oculus Touch and the Rift and gamepad. This means that players could play room scale or sitting down, as they prefer. It’s important to support disabled players as much as we can (we have different disabilities ourselves) and we are hoping that the extra work that we’ve put into accessibility means that as many players as possible can have a fantastic game-playing experience in VR.

So what next? Well, we have a small amount of audio to record and the final animation pass to complete, and then we need to add Steam achievements. And then it’s on to public beta at last!

Merry Christmas from Dr K!


So it’s Christmas already and it’s been an interesting and rather intense few months. Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game gameplay is complete and we’ve done a great deal of testing and debugging on both the HTC Vive and the PC desktop platforms.

Plus after a year’s work, sixty-five pages and endless re-writes, we’re delighted to report that the Obliteration Game script is done and the audio is in its final stages of completion.

We’ve also finished our final character, Doctor Kvorak’s nemesis, the glamorous space hen Eggloot. Isn’t she adorable?

So now we’re on to animating Doctor Kvorak and Eggloot in the levels, completing the audio and then on to the final stage of integrating Steam achievements. Doesn’t sound much if you say it quick!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Obliteration Game Autumn Update

Welcome to our autumnal update for Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game.

The last couple of months have been super-busy trying to get everything finished in the game levels. So much to do! We’ve been finishing all the collectable assets and making sure they work well in the game levels. We’ve also created a groovy character wardrobe for each of the three contestants. Great fun, and poor little Greeboo in particular looks incredibly cute in his new skins. Actually the hard part was getting the menu for changing skins to work intuitively in the HTC vive. As always, U.I. is really important and worth spending the extra time on.

We have also created a brand new central hub area for the Obliteration Game. As VR games are very new, we haven’t come across any other similar Vive games with which to compare hubs, so we’re really going with our intuition on this one. It’s certainly very different! Honestly, the best (and worst) part of working on Doctor Kvorak is that because VR is so new, we really feel like we’re sailing in uncharted waters. It’s all rather exciting and scary, but hopefully we’re creating something rather strange and unique.

Next it’s finishing the final levels and then the all-important voice acting and animation.
Still inching towards the finish line. We’ll get there.


Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game Demo on Steam for HTC Vive, Rift and PC

We’re delighted to let you know that Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game Demo is now live on Steam and you can now play it on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and your PC Windows Desktop by clicking here

The full game will be available later this year, but we wanted to let everyone try the game as soon as possible. In particular, we’ve been working very hard on the HTC Vive version of the game, and we hope you like it. All feedback is most definitely welcome!

It seems only fitting that a game about a Trickster God gets released on April Fool’s Day. The Doc would most definitely approve :)

Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game has been Greenlit


We’re over the moon! After only eight days on Steam Greenlight, Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game has been Greenlit!

Many thanks to everyone who helped put the word out and also to everyone who voted. We are really looking forward to bringing our Obliteration Game to Steam later this year, for Windows Desktop, Oculus Rift and now the HTC Vive too.

We hope to see some of you at Norwich Gaming Festival on 28th March and 1st– 2nd April, and then at London’s EGX Rezzed 7th-9th April 2016. In the meantime, please feel free to try our Obliteration Game demo on your desktop or in the Oculus Rift by visiting our Download Page.

Last but definitely not least, we’re really chuffed to be included in The Rift Arcade’s Five Amazing Oculus Rift Games You Should Play This Week. How awesome to be featured! Thanks guys :)

Right, back to work. We’ve got a game to finish!