Richard Bang – Games Designer/Programmer/Artist

Richard has been a self-confessed computer geek all his life and has been obsessed with gaming for as long as he can remember. He designed and sold his first computer game at the tender age of 14 and after mostly gaming his way through a Physics degree, he was seduced by the Dark Side and entered the heady world of coding, after which he built his own successful software company and designed one of the world’s leading communication server suites.

Despite this exciting career in server software, he always wanted to create computer games again. So in 2008 he decided to do just that, and thus Freekstorm was born.

When he is not polishing his alter-ego, the dastardly Doctor Kvorak, our resident trickster likes to play games and make short indie films, largely because he’s a big kid at heart.

Lin Bang – Business/Marketing/Everything Else

Originally an accountant and Finance Director, Lin now handles the daily running of Freekstorm, including marketing, producing, and business development.

In addition to keeping the cogs of Team Freek running smoothly, she is also a successful writer. And yes, she is the one responsible for the rather peculiar story of Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game.

Samuel Bang – Games Artist

Sam lives and breathes games. Lucky for us then that he also loves making them. He spent much of his youth creating awesome art in Skyrim, Source SDK, Photoshop and good ol’ graphite. Then he discovered the wonders of Maya and from that moment on, he realised his ultimate destiny lay as a games artist. He has a First in 3D Games Art from Hertfordshire University, and you can see his stunning artwork at

As for other pursuits…you mean there is actually a world beyond games?

And….Introducing Michael and Maria – Our Chief Testers

We are also highly fortunate to have two talented testers who are never short on ideas on how to improve our game (kids are wonderful but they’re totally brutal critics!)  Maria also loves to contribute to the marketing side of game development and she never misses a games expo, so we suspect that you’ll be seeing more of her in the future :)